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Dry Process

Leading Supplier and Distributor of Washing and Dyeing Machine such as Front Load Washing Machine and Side Load Washing Machine from New Delhi.

Pioneer Ozonarium Garment Processing Machine

Item Code: POZO
Salient Features :
  • Removes Back staining
  • Ageing For true vintage looks
  • Cleaning
  • Bleaching without bleach
  • Removal of indigo stain
  • Shade matching.
  • Eliminate need of PP spray.
  • Pigment look without pigments.
  • Black and greys fade naturally without turning brown.
  • 55% Savings on energy.
  • 52% Savings on water.
  • 67% Savings on chemicals.
Save How?
  • Ageing effect, vintage look on garments without water & chemicals.
  • Remove backstaining without chemical’s and water.
  • Bleaching without bleaching agent and minimum water.