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Commercial Laundry

Leading Supplier and Distributor of Washing and Dyeing Machine such as Front Load Washing Machine and Side Load Washing Machine from New Delhi.

Ironing Systems

Pioneer Flat Work Ironer
Flat work rotary ironers are used to carry out laundry jobs in hotels , hospitals ,hostels and textile industries for large quantities.

Salient Features :
  • Rotational speed controlled by variable frequency drive.
  • Maximum ouput then other ironers.
  • Heating system as desired steam/electric/thermic fluid.
  • Energy saver.
  • Marvellous article finish.

Pioneer Flat Bed Press
Flat bed press is generally used for ironing wollen and cotton garments.

Salient Features :
  • Flat bed steam injection fast drying.
  • Automatic and manual as desired.
  • Powerful vacuum.
  • Quick steam distribution.
  • Fitted with imported silicon padding.
  • Fast operation ,dry bed at all times.

Pioneer Vacuum Finishing Table
Vacuum finishing table is required for ironing shirts ,t-shirts ,trousers and other garments with adjustable storage rack.

Salient Features :
  • Sturdy and stable base.
  • Powerfull suction and imported silicon padding.
  • Adjustable ironing pressure.
  • Quick steam injection.
  • Thermostatically contolled stainless steel table heater.
  • Extended exhaust duct.

Pioneer Fully Automatic Electric steam generator

Salient Features :
  • More Attractive, Low weight dry steam
  • Stainless steel Vessel 304 grade with PUF insulated
  • Electrically controlled safely Steam
  • Low water indication by buzzer, visual gauge glass
  • Day to Day De scaling drainage facility
  • Imported Genuine Spare and Presses
  • High temp & High pressure to Free Wrinkles
  • Rust proof and power coated outer Frame
  • Fully Automatic